Dental tourism

Dear patients from abroad!

Let us take care of your dental needs. Do so with confidence. Our prices are low compared to prices in the European Union or the United States because of the lower price of labour in our country. However, our doctors are of the highest calibre and regularly take courses with lecturers from Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Switzerland, United States, Canada, etc. The materials we use are the best on the market (GC, Astra Tech, Ultradent, Ivoclar Vivadent, Coltene, etc.), and the work we do is up to par with anything you could get done back home. We take a personal approach each and every time, speak English flawlessly and take pride in giving fair and top quality treatment to every patient.

As for the "pleasure" part of your visit, here we have created some basic guidelines on how to get around our city without too much trouble, where to grab a meal and of course, where to stay in Zagreb. Naturally, we couldn't sum up even a fraction of everything you can do and see during your stay in Croatia. What we can do is give you advice on anything you could possibly be interested in. Whether it's Croatia's culture and history, nightlife, sports, nature or just a bit of everything you are looking for, we will be there to point you in the right direction and make sure that your time between dental appointments is time well spent.

About Zagreb

The most comprehensive online guide that will answer most of your general questions about our city. The official website of The Zagreb Tourist Board:

Transfer from the airport

If you want to save money and avoid a long taxi ride from and to the airport, there are buses operating every half hour between the airport and the main bus station. Right of a plane and into the shuttle in a matter of a few steps, it's that easy. Contact: +385 1 6331982

Public transport

ZET Zagreb public transportation system
The Zagreb tram system works like a charm, especially within the center of the city. It will take you 15 minutes to reach the main square from where we are. The best option for commuting downtown.

Where to sleep?

Hotel Jagerhorn

Address: Ilica 14
A three star small hotel highly praised by it's guests, and right in the very heart of Zagreb. Main square is within one minute walking distance, but our practice isn't far either, just a 15 minute direct tram ride away. Very good cost to benefit ratio if you are on a budget.
Contact: +385 1 4833877

Where to sleep?

Esplanade Zagreb Hotel

The best that Zagreb has to offer in terms of accommodation. Built in 1925. to provide stopover luxury for passengers of the famous Orient Express train, which traveled between Paris and Istanbul, this is where the rock stars and presidents stay. If you are up to enjoying some ka-ching effect, it's the right place for you.
Contact: +385 1 45 66 666


If you haven't had an x-ray of your mouth taken back home, your first stop in Zagreb will be Xdent. Digital x-ray, safe, cheap and no waiting whatsoever. Your picture will be in our office before you are.
Contact: +385 1 4854608

How to get here

No matter what mean of transport you choose, Zagreb is easy to find.

Arrival by train

Like travelling old school? No problem. Southbound trains from all over Europe run through Italy and Austria and are making stops in Zagreb daily since the mid 19th century.
Contact: +385 1 3783-061


In comparison with other major European cities, taxi prices are very reasonable and the service is good. Take a cab with confidence.
Contact: 1212

Where to sleep?

Hotel Central Great location right by the Main train station. Moderate prices and cosy rooms, and the whole city right under the tip of your nose.
Contact: +385 1 4841122

Fitness center Jump

If you like to pump iron during your vacation or simply feel a need to get your blood flowing on a treadmill, fc-Jump is a 10 minute walk away. Moderate prices, great service.
Contact: +385 1 232 8668

Where to eat

Restoran Kvatrić Contact: +385 1 2344074

Where to eat

Pizzeria Bigy Contact: +385 1 2395555

Cheap flights

Many low budget airlines fly to and from Zagreb airport on a daily basis. If you cannot find a direct route from your place of origin, we can pick you up by car at a nearby airport, such as Ljubljana, Pula, Graz etc...

Arrival by bus

Zagreb main Bus terminal is right in the vicinity of our dental practice. Contact: +385 60 313333

Where to sleep?

Hotel Maksimir Address: Maksimirska 57/1
A family bed and breakfast, cheap, clean and above all, 1 minute walking distance from where our clinic is. An economy option that will leave you with most time to hang around Zagreb when you are not having your dental work done. Three stars and they mean it.
Contact: +385 1 6666160

Where to sleep?

Palace Hotel Zagreb A four star option with a little bit more luxury included. A historic building right between the Main square and the Main train station, not a huge brick with cubicles but rather a classy establishment operated by very friendly staff.
Contact: +385 1 48 99 600


Ljekarna Ćurković We are fortunate to have a pharmacy at our disposal right across the street. Mr.pharm. Ćurković has been running a private practice for years now and has done so very successfully.
Contact: +385 1 2300-587